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 Good News:  The Bible League Thailand would like to offer all of its materials for evangelism and discipleship, including Thai NT, Thai Bible, Sgaw Karen Bible (traditional version), and Bible Study Booklets. So, if you need any of these materials for your ministry, please visit our office and warehouse in Chiang Mai  or call 081-296-4662. We DO NOT SELL the materials but we ACCEPT your generous DONATIONS and faithful REPORTS. 


Video introducing the bible league thailand foundation


Director's Address

I would like to thank God that He has allowed The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) to serve Him and participate in various ministries along with local churches, brothers & sisters, and friends in Thailand for more than 25 years. I am thankful to God and grateful to all of you, who have earnestly supported ministries of TBLT. Through which local churches and Christian organizations have better understood our ministries so much that it has become a wonderful co-operation resulted in a wider range of continuous flows of God’s blessings in different regions of Thailand as well as neighboring countries.

narong.jpg TBLT would not have been able to do such great ministries if we had not been supported by dear local churches,  brothers & sisters, and friends in Christ. Our dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we have a great vision waiting ahead of us. That is our The Bible League has a vision of world evangelism by 2020. The Bible League will endeavor to train 10 million nationals to engage 100 million people in the study of God’s Word through the placement of Bibles by the year 2020. This vision cannot be accomplished without earnest co-operation and faithful participation from dear local churches, brothers & sisters, and friends in Christ.

TBLT has been greatly eager to serve the Lord together with all of you, only through which we can accomplish the goal of world’s evangelism together. However, if you think that TBLT could participate in any ministry with you, please do not hesitate to call on us so that we would reach the goal that God has bestowed upon us together.

On behalf of TBLT, I pray that God, our Father, would bless you, your family, and your ministry with endless prosperity according to God’s will.


Rev. Dr. Narong Tongsuk
National Director


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